86,6 thousand square km (forests 12%, water basins 1.7%, sown area 54,9%, including 31.1 % pastures and hayfields, 31.4% other lands). The country extends between longitude 44° and 52° east and latitude 38° and 42° north, Baku situated at the parallel of 40°. Distance from Baku to North Pole is 5550 km, to the equator 4440 km.


Dry, subtropical with hot summers and mild winters; forests, meadows, and alpine tundra in the mountains.


Azerbaijan borders with Iran (765 km) and Turkey (15 km) on the south, Russia (390 km) on the north, Georgia (480 km) on the north-west and Armenia (1007 km) on the west.The length of the largest area of Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan sector is 456 km.


9.5 million (2011)


Muslim 93.4%, Russian Orthodox 2.5%, Armenian Orthodox Church 2.3%, and other 1.8%.


Azerbaijani 89%, Russian 3%, Armenian 2%, and other 6%.

Literacy rate

99.5% (2007 UN Human Development Report).


Name: Republic of Azerbaijan (Azərbaycan Respublikası)
Type of Government: Republic
Constitution: Approved in November 1995 referendum; amended August 2002 and March 2009
Branches: Executive–President (Head of state), Prime Minister (Head of government), Council of Ministers (Cabinet)
Legislative–unicameral Milli Majlis (Parliament).
Judicial–Supreme Court.
Administrative subdivisions:  66 rayons, 11 cities, and 1 autonomous republic. 
Political parties: New Azerbaijan Party, Musavat Party, Popular Front Party, Liberal Party, Democratic Party, National Independence Party, Democratic Reforms Party, Civil Solidarity Party, Hope Party, Justice Party, Communist Party, others. There are more than 40 registered political parties in Azerbaijan and many small, unregistered parties.
Suffrage: 18 years of age; universal.



GDP (2011): $63 billion.
GDP per capita (2011) $7000
GDP growth rate (2011) 0.1%
Non-oil GDP growth rate (2011) 9.4%
Inflation rate (2011): 7.9%
Natural resources: Petroleum, natural gas, iron ore, nonferrous metals, alumina
Agriculture: Cotton, tobacco, grain, rice, grapes, fruit, vegetables, tea, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, etc.
Industries: Petroleum and natural gas, petroleum products, oilfield equipment, steel, iron ore, cement, chemicals, textiles, food etc.
Trade: Exports–$26.6 billion (crude oil, natural gas, electricity, chemicals, oilfield equipment, ferrous metals, textiles, cotton, fruit & vegetables, unprocessed leather & skin etc.)
Imports–$9.8 billion (machinery and parts, consumer goods, medical & surgical equipment, timber, pharmaceuticals, food, textiles, etc.
Major trade partners–Italy, France, Germany, US, Turkey, China, Israel, Russia



1 Manat (AZN) = 100 gepiks.
1 AZN is approximately $1,25 (May 2011).


Ambassador diary

Rest in Peace, Maestro Sadigov!

Maestro Chingiz Sadigov


Almost two weeks after the death of Maestro Chingiz Sadigov, it is still very hard for m

Rest in Peace, Professor Zadeh!

We all have read books and seen movies about geniuses. I have been honored to personally know one, and his name was Lotf

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